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Exhibition Promotion

[Reggar Hardware] Music card light random stop mechanical support - see the flexibility, want to stop

[Reggar Hardware] Music card light random stop mechanical support - see the flexibility, want to stop


High quality zinc alloy, precision die-casting, cushioning adjustment effect is obvious, durable.

The load bearing capacity of the support can be changed by the adjusting screw

When open, no hand is needed to hold the door

Small space on the top of the cabinet

Suitable for high cabinets and cabinets

Low net depth requirements of the cabinet

Unilateral or bilateral installation

Matching the high speed continuously variable damping hinges of the card can achieve the effect of gentle silence.

Easy, quick, safe installation

Economical and practical, with a wide range of views, easy to pick up items.

Mechanical rod

Product installation:

A cabinet with a height of 300 - 800mm

A cabinet with a width below 1200mm

Dynamics can be adjusted

Minimum net depth 180mm

Suitable for wood door plate and aluminum frame door


Supplier: Reggar music card hardware

VIP hotline: 400-819-0909

For more information, please log in to www.conranstudio.com

Reggar Hardware Tmall official flagship store website: http://reggar.tmall.com/ welcome your purchase.

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