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Exhibition Promotion

[Reggar Hardware] Reggar Hardware works together with outstanding brand European learning tour

  In January 15, 2017, more than 30 people led by Reggar Hardware started from Beijing, and started a 8 day happy learning tour in Europe.

First stop

2017 Living Kitchen theme Cologne exhibition in Germany

[Reggar Hardware] Reggar Hardware works together with outstanding brand European learning tour


  IMM Cologne

  Cologne International Furniture Fair (immcologne) started in 1949 and is the most famous furniture exhibition in the world today. It is held in Cologne International Expo Center in January each year. The exhibition's incomparable breadth and depth is the uniqueness of Cologne international furniture exhibition as the world's first brand. Here, we should have a better understanding of industry trends and market prospects, establish brand image, find professional partners and expand the international market.

[Reggar Hardware] Reggar Hardware works together with outstanding brand European learning tour

  2017 scene wonderful moment sharing:


  We think there is only perfect quality.

 That's what we're trying to stick with,

Only to get more and more customers' recognition and follow,

This is the driving force for us to move on.

  The scene of the exhibition is surging.

To about one hundred thousand of the world's audience,

The exhibits are unparalleled in breadth and depth.

It has become the largest in the world at present.

One of the three most influential international furniture fairs.

The audience will appreciate the design that comes to the world.

And the world of classic furniture and classic home furnishings.

There are also rich supporting activities.


  Second stations

Visit the love booth at the Munich Building Material Exhibition

  It was founded in Europe in 1961. The company's headquarters in Saint John, Austria, has a history of more than 50 years. It has 17 production bases in Europe. It is one of the largest plate manufacturers in the world. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of wood based panels and deep processing products.

  Third stations

Walk into the European love factory

Our core values are vitality, loyalty, responsibility, trust, and adherence to pioneering spirit as a family business. Based on excellent performance and independence, the company has achieved sustained development worldwide. Using natural renewable materials, wood, we provide innovative solutions and market-oriented products and services to our customers.

  This trip to Europe is over here.

I hope this exhibition will enable you to absorb more new design concepts and styles.

Understand the international market development and trends and other information.

Everyone can be full,

The music card will follow you all the way!

Open the bright future!

[Reggar Hardware] Reggar Hardware works together with outstanding brand European learning tour

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